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Come along as Chef Bikram Vaidya takes you on a tour of Nepal's special kitchens. In "Mystic Kitchens of Nepal," Chef Bikram shares the secrets of Nepali cooking, blending old traditions with modern tastes. He doesn't just give you recipes – he shows you how food can be like medicine, keeping you healthy and tasting great.


This book has over 140 recipes carefully put together, giving you a taste of Nepal's rich culinary heritage. Each dish is a mix of flavors, textures, and smells that make your taste buds happy and keep your body strong.


Chef Bikram also shares stories about where the ingredients come from and how they're used, from the mountains to the markets in Kathmandu. "Mystic Kitchens of Nepal" is like taking a trip through Nepal's food history, showing you how food can bring people together across borders and trends.

Learn about Ayurvedic ideas from Chef Bikram, who explains how food can make you feel better inside and out. Discover tricks to make your meals more satisfying with less effort, using the wisdom of ancient cooking.


Whether you're a pro chef, a beginner in the kitchen, or just love trying new flavors, "Mystic Kitchens of Nepal" is a must-have. Get ready to explore a world of taste, culture, and new ideas about food!"

Mystic Kitchens of Nepal

Expected to ship by June 2024
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