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Our Body is a Machine, Food is an Energy 

Bikram Vaidya is a chef, teacher, researcher, writer, entrepreneur, and adventure guide who now lives in Portland, Oregon. He grew up in a family of royal Ayurvedic physicians, or Raj Vaidyas, who have cared for the royal families in Nepal since the Malla dynasty. Instead of choosing medicine, Bikram spent years in the tourism and hospitality business before starting a culinary career. In 1989, he and his friend Puskar founded and operated Tom and Jerry Pub in Kathmandu, providing a gathering place for international climbers, outdoor lovers, and expatriates. He went on to complete a Culinary Arts degree at Western Culinary Institute/Le Cordon Bleu, in Portland, Oregon. 


After graduation, Bikram trained with star chefs, including Chef Mark Franz at Farallon in San Francisco and Chef Troy Cannan at Bistro Roxy in Reno, Nevada. After working at a few fine-dining restaurants and luxury hotels, he traveled around the world studying international culture and ethnic cuisines with chefs and locals. He traveled throughout Nepal, researching various ethnic cooking, and his teaching career began in Nepal, teaching about Western food to Nepalese women. Later he taught international cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu. He was a founding member and lead instructor at the Oregon Culinary Institute, teaching Fundamentals of Cuisine. He was a board member of the ACF Pro Chefs Oregon. 


He is following his family’s belief in Ayurveda, or “Food as medicine,” by teaching classes and giving lectures on food and spices at public events. Bikram is the advisor to an authentic Newa restaurant in Nepal, Sasa Twa. He has published articles about Nepalese food heritage in The Oregonian, Mix Magazine, and several other publications, and has appeared on local tv.


Chef Bikram Vaidya

"The kitchen is my temple; I dance, sing, smile, and create joy for myself and others."

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