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About the book

Embark on a culinary and cultural journey with Chef Bikram Vaidya’s groundbreaking publication, "The Mystic Kitchens of Nepal." This comprehensive guide explores Nepal’s diverse ethnic cuisines, ancient cities, and rural villages. With over 150 authentic recipes and beautiful photography, Bikram's extensive research and travel document the rich culinary traditions shaped by Nepal's unique geographical landscape.

Chef Bikram Vaidya's culinary journey is deeply rooted in his family's Ayurvedic background, transitioning from a focus on medicine to gastronomy after completing his culinary studies. With teaching experience at renowned institutes such as Le Cordon Bleu and the Oregon Culinary Institute, Bikram brings a unique perspective to Nepali cuisine.

Chef Bikram's twenty years of culinary teaching and experimentation shine through in this collection. Whether you're a novice, experienced cook, or outdoor adventurer, you'll discover recipes and insights that unveil the secrets of Nepalese cooking. Each dish, from snacks and salads to rich curries and traditional spirits, has been meticulously tested for modern kitchens.

"The Mystic Kitchens of Nepal" goes beyond recipes, offering food history, cultural stories, traditional methods, and nutritional information. This book is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts, travelers, and anyone eager to explore new culinary traditions. Rediscover the forgotten culture of Shangri-La through its rich culinary heritage. Dive into the flavors of Nepal and embrace its culinary secrets with Chef Bikram Vaidya’s masterful guide.


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Cory Schreiber

Wildwood Restaurant Founder, James Beard Award-Winning Chef, and Author of "Wildwood" and "Rustic Fruit Desserts.

“Mystic Kitchens of Nepal” is a culinary narrative and guidebook to a naturally intelligent cuisine with insights and descriptions into this ancient model that are relevant to modern day cooking. Connecting nutrition, balance, flavor and how to use less but enjoy more. Bikram's book is a must-have for any evolving culinary bookshelf and dynamic global flavor-based kitchen.”

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