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Chef Bikram Vaidya Stir Fries

Chef Bikram Vaidya is a native of Nepal who has trained under renowned chefs from around the world including Greece, Thailand and India. Follow along as this experienced chef lets the cameras capture his first experience using palm fruit oil to prepare a sumptuous stir fry dish. Because it is ideal for high-heat cooking, this trans fat-free cooking oil can be used in endless recipes. It contains beta carotene, essential antioxidants and tocotrienols among many other health benefits. Vaidya has only positive comments about this nourishing cooking oil as he uses it to stir fry a delicious mixture including shrimp, mushrooms, asparagus and garlic. He raves about the aroma and color that the palm fruit oil produces as he first coats the entire pan with it before adding the ingredients one by one to enhance the flavor. He is also very satisfied with how this cooking oil holds up to the high flame and doesn’t affect the taste of the stir fry.

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